Meet & Greet Service with Personal Porter


Vip Airport Service

Bali Fast Track Arrivals & Departures (International / Domestic)

Update – (Meet & Greet Service as of Nov 2023)


Vip Airport Service

Fast track services – pick-up services for arrivals and departures while providing convenience for guests. We will accompany you through Visa On Arrival, Immigration, and Customs checks. Serves international flight arrivals/departures as well as domestic arrivals/departures

Booking Requirements (Send to email or Whatsapp)

    • Flight Details
    • Full Name & passport image of each passenger
    • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months until the date of departure and/or arrival


Vip Airport Service

Is Fast Track Service In Bali Suspended?

Yes as of 2023, However there is a Meet & Greet Service to help guide through the airport your loved ones, elder family members, yourselves or Business people by helping them navigate Bali airport swiftly and using a personal porter to help with their luggage as well as liase with your driver to make sure the whole process is very smooth.

Enjoy the best Vip Services at Airport

This service is a must for all people who want to feel like a VIP especially navigating through a foreign airport and not having to worry about knowing where to go, pushing your luggage or liasing directly with your driver maybe due to loss of signal or no wifi then this service is perfect for you to help you get from Bali airport to your accommodation or vice versa.

Departure Airport Assistance

Perfect for the last minute or stuck in traffic holiday makers. Our personal porter will meet you at your transportation outside the airport and help guide you through all the nercessary steps to get you to your plane comfortably and on time.

Bali Airport Meet on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

Your visa on arrival will be organised by you either before you arrive or when you arrive in a queue dedicated to this service. Please chat with our team on our whatsapp if you would like to know more.

Tour Packages

Check our our tour packages to book in advance for your wonderful trip to Bali!

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Vip Airport Service


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