Paramount Theme Park Bali is Coming!

It’s official. Paramount Pictures is coming to Bali. The production company giant known for classics like Mission Impossible, Top Gun, and Transformers is now making its way off the screen and into the air with rides that have themes, massive movie set replicas, and exhibits that feature tons of movie costumes and props. Film buffs, theater nerds, and tourists are going to want to see this to believe it. Sure, Bali is known for its exquisite beaches, delicious foods, and friendly people, not to mention its affordability, but it’s also now becoming a premier destination for a theme park. Indonesia and Paramount Pictures inked a deal that is slated to be completed in 2025–so get your passports ready and your travel arrangements set–Book A Trip Bali is here to help you gear up.
What To Expect— Because Nickelodeon is a subsidiary of Paramount, expect tons of themed attractions catering to iconic cartoon lovers like SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. People who’ve grown up with these shows, as well as young ones will love that their favorite cartoons are now coming to life. Their nostalgia will be satiated. There’s also talk of a Bali-influenced attraction within the park called Land of Legends. Centered around Indonesian culture and myths and legends, locals and tourists can become educated while having fun. It’ll be an enriching experience–and one that’s never been done in an international theme park.
Things to do beyond the park— If you’re interested in things to do that don’t involve riding awesome attractions or witnessing some of the greatest entertainment on planet earth, you’ll be happy to discover that this is all just at the beginning of development for tourists. The theme park is set to have an area that’s around 600 hectares, or 1,482 acres. For perspective, that’s like multiplying the largest mall in Singapore, VivoCity, by 6. That’s pretty huge–so wear your comfy walking shoes. In this zone, there will be lots of residential areas, hotels, and resorts. You can expect lots of entertainment options as well, sports areas and cultural parks, as well as retail shops and fine dining experiences. Oh, and there will be a golf course. The zone caters to everyone and every age. If you’re worried about health or keeping abreast of your studies, there will be health and education centers throughout the area. It’s a home away from home.
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