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Accompanied service

Private air-conditioned vehicle Pickup & drop-off: Sanur, Ubud, Kuta/Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa, & Denpasar English speaking driver/guide Entry/Admission fees Light breakfast
Bottled water Use of flashlight Gratuities (optional)


Hotel Pick-Up - Pick Up Time - Anytime Between 7:00AM & 9:30AM (Earlier the better to avoid traffic)

First Stop Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Second Stop Tibumana Waterfall

Third Stop Tegenungan Waterfall

Lunch at Traditional Balinese Warung

Hotel Drop-off

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If you’re keen on photography and natural beauty, this private door-to-door tour is for you. Visit the 3 most stunning waterfalls around Ubud while avoiding the effort of self-drive. This tour explores three of the most idyllic waterfalls in Bali, in one day.


These three waterfalls have been handpicked to make this the best waterfall tour in Bali. Tibumana Waterfall is nestled within the jungle, Tukad Cepung, hidden behind a cave, and Tegenungan Waterfall.

On the way, relish an Indonesian lunch at a conventional “warung”.This tour was uniquely created to capture the essence of Bali in the middle of the sublime jungle giving you an insight into the pure, natural beauty Bali has to offer.

Our English-speaking guide will lead you through the jungle so you can enjoy the experience stress-free. To complete your tranquil experience, included will be an authentic Balinese-style lunch prepared by our top chefs created especially for you.


  • All Entrance Tickets
  • Private Tour with Licensed Tour Guide
  • Traditional Balinese Lunch
  • Mineral Water
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • All Taxes and Fees

Additional Info

A stress-free day, catered to your needs. Enjoy the private service and adaptability you’d expect on a professional tour. Relax with our door-to-door service and travel in your private car, for your maximum comfort, and capture the photographs of dreams at three of Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Waterfalls Of Bali

Are you ready to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of nature? Join us on an enchanting Bali waterfall tour, where the cascading waters and lush surroundings promise a wellness journey like no other.


The Healing Power of Bali’s Waterfalls


Why Choose Bali Waterfalls for Wellness?


Picture this: the sound of water gently echoing through the lush greenery, the scent of fresh air, and the sensation of cool mist on your skin. Bali’s waterfalls offer a natural haven, providing more than just a visual spectacle.


1. Nature’s Therapeutic Symphony:

The sound of cascading water is not just music to the ears; it’s a natural symphony that has therapeutic effects on the mind. Bali’s waterfalls, with their gentle or powerful flow, create an ambient noise that acts as a natural stress-reliever. The soothing sound of water has been scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.


2. Hydrotherapy and Physical Well-being:

One of the unique aspects of Bali waterfall tours is the opportunity for natural hydrotherapy. The cascading water not only provides a refreshing escape but also serves as a natural massager. The pressure of the falling water stimulates circulation, helping to ease tension, reduce inflammation, and promote overall physical well-being.


3. Ecotherapy Amidst Lush Landscapes:

Bali’s waterfalls are nestled within lush, green landscapes that amplify the healing power of nature. The term “ecotherapy” refers to the positive impact nature has on mental health. Surrounded by the vibrant flora and fauna near the waterfalls, visitors can experience the rejuvenating effects of ecotherapy, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being.


4. Mindfulness and Spiritual Connection:

Bali, known for its rich spiritual heritage, provides an ideal backdrop for mindfulness and spiritual connection. As you stand before the majestic waterfalls, the sheer beauty of nature captivates the mind, fostering a sense of mindfulness—a state of being fully present in the moment. This connection with nature can be a profound spiritual experience for many, allowing for introspection and self-discovery.


5. Natural Negative Ion Boost:

Waterfalls generate negative ions, which are charged particles abundant in natural environments. These ions are believed to have positive effects on mood and overall well-being. Bali’s waterfalls, with their constant water flow, contribute to an increased presence of negative ions in the surrounding air, providing visitors with a natural mood boost.


6. Escape to Serenity:

Bali’s waterfalls often lie hidden in serene locations away from the bustling tourist spots. The journey to reach these natural wonders takes you through scenic landscapes and peaceful surroundings, allowing for a complete escape from the noise and demands of daily life. This seclusion adds an extra layer to the wellness experience, providing a tranquil environment for introspection and relaxation.


7. Breathtaking Scenery for Emotional Well-being:

Beyond their therapeutic qualities, Bali’s waterfalls boast breathtaking scenery. The visual feast of cascading water against a backdrop of lush greenery and tropical landscapes contributes to emotional well-being. The sheer beauty of the surroundings can evoke a sense of awe and wonder, fostering positive emotions and a deep appreciation for the natural world.


8. Community and Cultural Connection:

Bali’s local communities often hold sacred ties to the waterfalls. Engaging with the local culture during your visit adds a layer of spiritual and communal connection to your wellness journey. Interacting with the Balinese people, learning about their traditions, and participating in rituals can enhance the overall transformative experience of your waterfall tour.


How Does Nature Impact Wellness?


  • Stress Relief: The sights and sounds of nature have been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.
  • Improved Mood: Immersing yourself in natural beauty triggers the release of endorphins, enhancing your mood.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Nature stimulates creativity, making it an ideal environment for rejuvenation.


The Best Bali Waterfall Tour for Wellness

Why Choose  BookATripBali’s Waterfall Tour?


At BookATripBali, we curate an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our Bali waterfall tour is designed to maximize the wellness benefits, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

1. Tegenungan Cascade Retreat: A Holistic Haven


Nestled amidst the lush greenery near Ubud, the Tegenungan Waterfall is more than just a scenic wonder; it’s a retreat for the soul. Here’s why it stands out:


Wellness Highlights:


Yoga by the Falls: Start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session by the cascading waters, embracing the serenity of the surroundings.


Healing Rituals: Engage in traditional Balinese healing rituals conducted by local experts, incorporating the natural energy of the waterfall.


What Sets It Apart:


Exclusive Access: Limited daily visitors ensure an intimate and tranquil experience.
Organic Wellness Cuisine: Indulge in nourishing organic meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients.


2. Gitgit Bliss Retreat: Nature’s Symphony for the Soul


Tucked away in the highlands of Bali, Gitgit Waterfall provides a serene backdrop for a holistic wellness retreat. Discover why it’s a hidden gem for well-being:


Wellness Highlights:


Sound Healing Sessions: Experience the therapeutic vibrations of traditional Balinese instruments amidst the natural symphony of Gitgit.


Forest Bathing Trail: Immerse yourself in the nearby rainforest, known for its rejuvenating forest bathing experiences.
What Sets It Apart:


Wellness Workshops: Participate in workshops led by local healers, covering meditation, mindfulness, and ancient Balinese wellness practices.


Sustainable Practices: Gitgit is committed to eco-friendly tourism, ensuring minimal impact on its pristine environment.


3. Aling-Aling Blissful Escape: Adrenaline and Tranquility Unite


For those seeking a perfect blend of adventure and wellness, Aling-Aling Waterfall is the answer. Here’s what makes it an ideal choice:


Wellness Highlights:


Natural Slide Therapy: Engage in the thrill of natural slides formed by centuries of cascading water, promoting a sense of joy and playfulness.


Meditation Platforms: Find secluded meditation platforms near the falls, allowing for introspection amidst the mesmerizing scenery.


What Sets It Apart:


Adventure Spa Packages: Combine the adrenaline rush with spa treatments, creating a unique wellness adventure.


Expert Guides: Trained guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, catering to both adventure enthusiasts and wellness seekers.


Choosing Your Wellness Adventure: Practical Tips


1. Personalized Wellness Assessments:Opt for tours that offer personalized wellness assessments, ensuring that the activities align with your individual needs and preferences.


2. Small Group Experiences:Look for tours that prioritize small group sizes, creating an intimate and personalized atmosphere for a more meaningful wellness journey.


3. Inclusive Wellness Packages:Consider tours that include a variety of wellness activities, from yoga sessions to traditional healing practices, providing a holistic experience.


4. Sustainable Tourism Commitment:Support tours that prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices, contributing to the preservation of Bali’s natural beauty for future generations.



What Sets Our Tour Apart?


  • Expert Guides: Knowledgeable guides enhancing your understanding of the surroundings.
  • Wellness Workshops: Optional workshops on mindfulness and well-being during the tour.
  • Exclusive Locations: Visiting lesser-known waterfalls for a more serene experience.


Your Wellness Itinerary

Day Destination Wellness Activity
1 Tegenungan Waterfall Mindful Meditation
2 Gitgit Waterfall Yoga by the Water
3 Sekumpul Waterfall Nature Sound Therapy
4 Aling-Aling Waterfall Wellness Photography Workshop